Solar Powered A/C

Cool. I’ve been using these evaporative system air conditioners in my office since they were $10 at Home Depot I went and got 4 of them. They were drawing 15 watts running on the ac adapter. I realized though that this was a DC to AC to DC conversion which is highly inefficient.

So I ordered some usb plugs for these guys. I was right. It draws half as much lower now. And it scales. I plugged in two and it reports 15w. This measurement tool isn’t very good I’m going to order a more accurate one.

I currently have one running off of one of those batteries you use to charge your phone with. The one I have wasn’t capable of running two though. However there are bigger ones that can handle 15W. When I charge those I can charge them quickly and use 60w to charge them which is the max I get from the solar panel so I can have several batteries charged to use for many devices.

But running the unit for a couple of hours a day will give me enough charge to run 4 air conditioners all day long and it’s cold. My back office rooms get ten degrees warmer than the rest of the house and this fixes that in minutes with four of them running. So I run them with the door shut for 30 minutes and it gets a big muggy so then I open up the door. This is going to save me a bundle on my air conditioning but Avryana and I are considering living off grid more out of our cars at times and during the Arizona heat these devices will come in so handy to be able to run completely off of portable solar power.

I’m currently looking for angel investors on anyone of six companies I have ready to hit the ground running. I can give enough details in PM if you might know someone interested.

I’m normally very humble but I’m often told by people who I look up to as the very best programmers I have ever met that I am the very best programmer they have ever met as well as the smartest guy and I happen to be running the best I ever have since I usually am either very depressed or very medicated to avoid depression but I am currently neither for the first time since I hit puberty. It’s amazing guys. It’s truly amazing to not be experiencing depression. You don’t know how lucky you are to be neurotypical.

I can handle complicated technical challenges of any size and have many times in my life single handed competed against very large teams from major corporations like Microsoft and won the contract. I have also built my own teams to do the same. I’m totally willing to build you a website for cheap right now as well. So please think of me if you know anyone for some contract work or if you want some hosting I just invented a packaging format that will make hosting wildly more efficient so I can go get myself a cloud node and put cloud flare in front of it and have your server hosted all year for pennies but I’d want to charge something more than that because you’ll want support. I’d totally host your site for free up to a certain size if it’s just static pages if you do a retainer of half an hour of support time from me per month.

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