Solar Powered Plans and Computing

This is continuing the topic that was started yesterday about solar powered a/c.

I've been busy thinking of green things lately and efficiencies and performance. I'll get back to specifically solar-powered stuff in three paragraphs though I have much of my computing environment now running on batteries that are charged with solar power. I spent today having conference calls with database professionals on how I can maximize performance. (You should seriously contact me if you have performance problems with your software. It's definitely one of my specialties as a computer scientist. You will save yourself a ton of money having me or another specialist take a look rather than having your team continue to spin its wheels. We programmers are very expensive.)

Efficient Coding

So I've been coding the hell out of my mini-apps framework, since there's nothing more green I can do than make more efficient software. I was working on deserializing my file headers for the .miniapp format, and the fastest deserializer on the market could decode it 10,000times in 250 msecs, which was 3x faster than Microsoft's binary serializer. I was able to custom code something that could achieve the same thing in 7 msecs, which is a 100x improvement over the built-in system calls. Very green in-deed.

The .miniapp format is also more efficient for dealing with smaller files. We'll see how efficient in a few days. I stumbled across this potential when looking into whether I should place SQLite databases in a container or use a database file as the container. It turns out that storing small files in SQLite is 30% more efficient than storing them directly on disk, performance wise. It's also more efficient with disk space, since there are no sector boundaries. I decided to push the reasons for this to the limits and with all the various gains I should be able to get about a 7x jump in speed for accessing the first small file, and then much, much faster access because most of that process will be cached for subsequent files. Writes are also very efficient as well, as I am simulating disk sectors and marking them as needing refreshed when they are written to and just placing diffs in a swap space at the end of the files that another process comes and cleans up and defragments later. But this is all transparent to the software using the files. I'll have many more details about this later.

Alright, so solar stuff.

Solar Powered A/C Part 2

I'm playing around with batteries and solar cells. I'm loving the solar-powered A/C units. I've been getting questions like

"Does it work?"

and the answer is

Yes! Yes it does!

It's not magic of course, I'm one of those mad scientists that don't believe in the Harry Potty sort of magic (though I do believe in many magical things, I am a magician after all). It's an evaporative cooler, not refrigeration. Otherwise, it would require a vent to the outside in order to work. But the bottom line is I'm cold, and I can turn up my heat in my house a few degrees which will save me a bundle.

So I've been testing out different handle held batteries that I can use with these things. Just about every "portable phone charger" can handle one of the Arctic Air units, but I found a few that can handle two or even three of these units. I'll have a post about that later.

I currently have all of them running off of one those portable phone charger batteries. When I charge those I can charge them quickly and use 60w to charge them which is the max I get from the solar panel, so I can have several batteries charged to use for many devices.

Running the unit for a couple of hours a day will give me enough charge to run 4 air conditioners all day long and it’s cold. My back office rooms get ten degrees warmer than the rest of the house and this fixes that in minutes with four of them running. So I run them with the door shut for 30 minutes and it gets a bit muggy so then I open up the door. Avryana and I are considering living off grid more out of our cars at times and during the Arizona heat these devices will come in so handy to be able to run completely off of portable solar power.

I wonder if anyone out there has any experience with hitting up companies about their blogs and get free stuff to review. I've been buying a lot of gear and I would really like to be just getting it all for free so I can review it. I'm intending on making one post every day, though not all posts will be about green energy. Mainly of them will be aboue the miniapp software platform I'm building, which is about the greenest thing I can imagine.

I'm going to be spending a lot of time talking about reducing power through more efficient computing. We don't need to have nearly as powerful processors as we have right now. My platform is going to play a very big role in changing what is considered an acceptable level of optimization in your code. But I'm going to be giving developers the tools out of the box to make their code as efficient as theoretically possible right out of the box. Better yet, non-developers will be able to write programs, and I've even been messing around with using voice to write programs in natural language.

I’m currently looking for angel investors on anyone of six companies I have ready to hit the ground running. I can give enough details in PM if you might know someone interested.

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