Solar Powered Show

On Saturday October 30th we had our debut show with Tripping Breakers, my new electro-rock act that I've been working on with a close friend for a couple of years. My solo project Wayward Sun also performed at the event. We had an 8' tall animated dark angel and stage lights, a couple of computers and a drumkit. If I wasn't already using my Jackery power station for other purposes, everything but the PA could have been solar, though I hope to get a more powerful Jackery device in the near future.

I suppose there might have been a little bit of fate playing into that night. We tripped the breakers 3 times at the show. Not a joke. Perhaps everyone else should have een running on batteries backed by the sun as well. It seems like the owners of Celestial where the event was help would really dig that. They had a grey water and all that.


The lighting was powered by 7.2V 2600mAh lithium-ion batteries that were charged with solar power. The nights were super bright RGB and capable of any color and several strobing patterns. These can be set eiter by controls on the back, or far more intuitively using your phone over bluetooth. Both the lighting and batteries are listed in the amazon link at the bottom of this article.

I haven't yet tested how long the lights will run for on a single charge. Each light took two batteries and the lighting was super bright and was on for at least 5 hours without a hick-up. I had initially forgotten the batteries at home, and had given the promoter the baaXAD tteries to my Ring home security system (oops) which is also completely solar-powered, since I plug the charger into my Jackery power-station.

Power Strip

I've really been enjoying having so much of my gear running off of solar power. It will be a little more convenient when I go buy one of the $500 batteries and put a 300 watt solar panel out my window. I’m planning on putting the solar cell on motors and having some code that automatically positions the cell in the best location all day long to get the maximum amount of power. I’m going to need to have my API going where I can point a webcam at the display panel and have it automatically converted to text.

I'm going to order a power strip today that keeps track of power usage with a python API. That means I’m going to be adding both rust and python to my mini app system. I wasn't originally intending to implement so many languages so quickly, but I’ll be useful. I’m sure python people will enough using nuget and rust people will enjoy using npm.

I'm pretty excited about this because I'm going to be optimizing my distributed processes not only for best performance but also for minimal energy usage.

New Company

I registered Solar Powered Cloud LLC yesterday as a corporation in the state of Arizona. I'll be talking about this a lot in a video tomorrow.

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