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We are a full service software consulting company. No project too small and we aren't afraid of massive scale. Understanding the details beneath the abstractions is important and allows impossible things to be possible and new ways of optimizing for file size, memory usage, or performance. Server bill too high or some feature just too slow? We can most likely fix the issue, no problem, even when others have tried and failed.

We are particularly skilled at the .net framework on all platforms! I have implemented a webserver in CLR assembly, the virtual machine that powers .NET. I understand the implications of using a stack-based virtual machine that has no registers. If you wanted a new programming language that runs on .Net, I could even do that.

Scott Mitting has been doing software consulting work under many brands since 2001. This company was formed in 2013 for Scott's return to a more development focused role for a smaller set of clients. 2021 represents a new turn for the direction of the company, with a renewed focus on client projects and entrepreneurship.

Scott, along with his team, business partners, and subcontractors are prepared to usher the internet into its next stage with innovative software and business solutions to provide even more flexibility for end-users and more empowerment for working in the modern gig economy.

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Software Development

Well known for making the impossible seem simple. Solid outside-the-box thinking leading to robust systems that run for decades with minimal intervention. Full stack development on most major platforms.

UI and Web Design

Excellent graphic design skills providing a pleasurable interface for your application or website, including 3D development and professional game development experience.

Business Development

Experience assisting with business plans for dozens of start ups and small businesses over the years.

Software Development


UI Design


Business Development




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